“Nothing will ever be the same again.”

This is a tautology, of course, since nothing is ever the same, but when spoken by a Socialist politician who admires Marshal Tito (Yugoslavian dictator under the Soviet Union), it sends chills down the spine, does it not?

In the United States the media generally ignore what’s going on in the rest of the world. If an American wants to know what’s happening outside this country, she has to watch BBC World News, and then most of what she learns is how stupid the EU is, not what’s happening around the world. But, of course, I understand why this is: Americans don’t think the rest of the world matters, even Americans who would like to see “One World.”

Sidebar: Have you ever noticed how TV weather maps show storm boundaries sliced off at the Canadian and Mexican borders?

Remember the Bosnian War?

Under President Bill Clinton, NATO intervened in the genocidal war among Balkan nations that resulted from the breakup of Yugoslavia after the fall of the Soviet Union. At the time, American media was awash in the bloodshed and horror. It inspired me to write a short story, “At the Foot” (now in my historical-mystery short-story collection THE EVIL THAT MEN DO (Light Pages, 2009). When I finally published the story in 2009, I figured it counted as historical, because nobody in America would remember the war.

American memories are very short (and getting shorter, as far as I can determine because high schools don’t teach any history after World War I).

Since the beginning of this century I hadn’t heard a word about Bosnia or Kosovo or Serbia until this weekend when I picked up a copy of The International Herald Tribune as I boarded a plane at Heathrow and found an article by Dan Bilefesky, “Bearing West, Serbia his a bump,” which ends with the chilling quote above from Ivica Dacic, interior minister of Serbia, now running for president. Dacic is a populist and nationalist, which is another way of saying he’s anti-democratic and believes in Marx’s “dictatorship of the proletariat;” as the lyrics of his theme song says, “All you heroes, get ready for battle.” (In addition to Tito, the article claims that Dacic’s other heroes include Vladimir Putin and Barack Obama!)

A few days ago, in a completely un-American media moment, The Miami Herald published an article by Jonathan S. Landay , “20 Years After War Bosnia Grows More Divided.” Please read it.

Why Should You Care?

Because Serbia is a member of the United Nations, which now seems to dominate American foreign policy. Because Serbia has applied for EU membership. Because the EU is bankrupt. Because the EU is begging us to bail it out. Because American law and government must not adopt the EU or the UN as our model.