CHALK GHOST—When your neighbor dies and nobody notices

Chalk-Ghost-KindleOne mystery that haunts me all year, not only on Halloween but all the time, is how a person can die in a home or apartment surrounded by neighbors, but no one notices for days and days and days.

Since 2009 I’ve worked on a mystery story called CHALK GHOST. At first it was a short story, which I posted as a serial on, where it co-won the Grand Prize. After that I tried to expand the story to novel size and failed until I realized that a novel required something very different: my nightmare evolved into SNOW GHOST, a work still in progress. But CHALK GHOST refused to die. Now I’ve finally finished the novella, and it’s available for free on Amazon Kindle for Halloween through November 1. After November 1, 2012 CHALK GHOST is available for a mere pittance of $0.99 or the equivalent at Amazon U.K., Germany, and elsewhere. In late January it will be available in most ebook formats.

Please download a free copy of CHALK GHOST . Review it! Comment here! A U.K. reviewer gave CHALK GHOST 5 stars and wrote: “Excellent book for a quick read’ good story line. Downloaded this to my phone. Would recommend it.”