The President’s Attempt to Rewrite History

Yesterday President Obama apparently tried to rewrite the history of the 20th century so that he could declare an end to the War on Terror.

He excised from history all terrorism in the English-speaking world before the 1980s, of which the following is only a partial list:

  • the IRA’s bloody terrorism in Great Britain, which was funded in part by American sympathizers
  • separatists in Canada’s Quebec, who were supported in part by American leftists (a polite term for Socialists and Communists)
  • the Puerto Rican FALN, which bombed Americans
  • the Weather Underground bombers, which included Mr. Obama’s Chicago neighbors
  • the Palestinian Liberation Front and Fatah, which hijacked passenger airliners and massacred the Israeli team at the 1972 Olympics (when Mr. Obama was eleven years old and living in Hawaii, where he must not have watched the television coverage of this great horror) (NB: Interesting that Mr. Obama threw in a gratuitous reference to the Palestinians yesterday)

Then, the President reduced terrorism in the 1980s to: “our Embassy in Beirut; at our Marine Barracks in Lebanon [which is where Beirut is, in case he didn’t know, and both of which bombings were in 1983 by the Islamic Jihad Organization]; on a cruise ship at sea [1985 by the Palestinian Liberation Front]; at a disco in Berlin [1986 by Libyan Gaddafi]; and on a Pan Am flight — Flight 103  — over Lockerbie.”

The President could have named many more terrorist acts in the 1980s, including two conducted by Indian Moslems: the bombings in 1985 of an Air India flight from Canada and of an aircraft that landed at Tokyo’s Narita Airport.

And most peculiarly, the President said that in the 1990s “we lost Americans to terrorism at . . . our Embassy in Kenya.” In fact, on August 7, 1998, two embassies were simultaneously blown up: Nairobi, Kenya, and Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania. The attacks were the work of Osama bin Laden.

What about the 1997 massacre of 62 tourists at Luxor, Egypt?

What about the 2000 bombing of the USS Cole?

Then, the President interpreted his misstatement of history for us: “These attacks were all brutal; they were all deadly; and we learned that left unchecked, these threats can grow.  But if dealt with smartly and proportionally, these threats need not rise to the level that we saw on the eve of 9/11.”

Of course, “smartly” is not the correct word. I suppose he meant “intelligently.” 

Let me try to parse what he said: Acts of terrorism before 2001 were threats that we let grow and did not deal with intelligently or in proportion to their severity. Consequently we were punished with 9/11, after which we went to war in Moslem countries and with whole nations who were not to blame for Islamic terrorism.

This is nonsense. It’s a non sequitur at best.

The President was trying to build a case for what he considers to be the most intelligent and proportionate approach to Islamic terrorism (which term notably he did not use), namely, increased foreign aid and “no boots on the ground” in any Moslem country.

Why Is America At War In Moslem Countries?

Apparently Mr. Obama doesn’t know why we invaded Afghanistan. We went to war with the ruling Taliban in Afghanistan, which harbored the Al Qaeda who had attacked us. Mr. Obama has omitted the gruesome reality of what the Taliban was and are. During the 1990s the Taliban herded young women into a crowded soccer stadium and had their fathers shoot them in the back of the head for such crimes as holding hands with a boy in public or being raped.

We went to war in Iraq to depose an equally brutal Moslem tyrant. I think most Americans in retrospect wish we hadn’t gone to war in Iraq. If we’d had drones in 2002, we would likely have been able to take care of the problem more “smartly.”

Sidebar: Please note that yesterday Mr. Obama argued for the legality of assassinating Americans in foreign countries. The Constitution requires American traitors to be tried, have two Americans witness their treachery, and then to be executed. I don’t care how big a tribunal of bureaucrats, lawyers, and politician he puts together to approve of his assassinations, it is the most evil idea I have ever heard come from the lips of an American.

Foreign Aid Not Boots On the Ground

Who wouldn’t prefer to give money to poor nations rather than give the lives of our best and bravest? As a Libertarian I am fundamentally opposed to foreign wars. But the fact is that Jihadists aren’t from the poorest areas of the world. They are from countries like Saudi Arabia and Iran.

We can pour money into Pakistan, if that’s what Mr. Obama has in mind, but that won’t convince them to give up their nuclear weapons and become friends with India. We can pour money into North Africa, but that won’t stop the slaughter of Coptic Christians or give Moslem women equal rights. Nor will money establish democracy in nations with no grounding in the idea of equality.

I’m all for staying out of armed conflicts in Moslem lands. But if we aren’t willing to put boots on the ground to defend our embassies in those lands, let’s withdraw our embassies from those lands and save the money. (Incidentally, by treaty the land on which American delegations establish their facilities are actually sovereign territory of the United States, so boots in embassies and consulates aren’t on the ground in Moslem countries.)

Why should the American people support Mr. Obama’s approach to dealing with terrorism if he doesn’t know these simple truths?

I claimed at the beginning of this article that Mr. Obama tried to rewrite history yesterday. Frankly, I would prefer to think that is what he did, because if not it means he doesn’t know history.

Now that I think about it, it would explain why he’s acting so Nixon-ian these days. He’s too young to remember Watergate. He never studied history.

I will look forward to the two IRS agents showing up on my doorstep.