Syria: History Repeating Itself All Over Again

Why did most of my generation of Baby Boomers oppose the War In Vietnam? (You had to have been born before 1955 to know the answer). Because:

1. We were the ones who were sent to die in Vietnam

2. Soldiers were drafted against their will (did you know Mohammed Ali was a conscientious objector on the basis of his peace-loving religion, Islam, and went to prison rather than go to war?)

3. The immediate interests of American security were not involved (ultimately a case would be made that Communism would dominate Asia if we did not act, but at the time no one could foresee this.)

4. There was no declaration of war, as required by the Constitution

Why do I oppose intervention in Syria?

1. There will be no declaration of war nor even a presentation of proof that the intervention is in American interests.

2. While there is no now draft, our military is still bleeding (literally) from the unsuccessful wars in Afghanistan and Iraq; the sequester has cut funds to the military; veterans are being denied promised benefits, and any intervention (including simply firing missiles into Syria) can easily expand into air strikes that place jet crews at risk of death). After that “mission-creep” will begin. There will be boots on the ground.

3. The Millennial generation are the ones who will suffer: they will pay the financial costs and the costs in casualties.

4.  IT IS TOO LATE. Punishment of Assad has no purpose. Even if we destroy their complete supply of weapons of mass destruction, they won’t stop. They have no reason to stop. In fact, they will be incented to continue with their atrocities and expand their war to Lebanon and even perhaps to Turkey.

5. Like Vietnam and unlike the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, the world community opposes this action. Even NATO (which includes Turkey) does not sanction it.

6. I fear that both parties, the Democrats and the Republicans, will use the military’s ongoing involvement in Syria as an excuse to raise the debt ceiling and approve the continuing resolution (that’s what they use to justify not having an approved, balanced federal budget.)

Where is this generation’s Phil Ochs? “Cops of the World”

Like the War in Vietnam, I’m convinced this is all about money—not about punishing a tyrant for his despicable behavior. If you want to know why America is getting ready to do this, do what Deep Throat told Woodward and Bernstein to do: follow the money. The Pentagon is bloated with excess weapons that they’ve bought from their industrial cronies. They’re having to abandon billions of dollars worth or weapons, equipment, and buildings in Afghanistan.

While Americans are focused on Syria, millions of people will be signed up for Obamacare coops with federal subsidies. Even if the law is defunded or repealed in 2014 or later, there will be no way out of this entitlement. That’s a lot of money.

Politicians of both parties face the prospect of being removed from Congress in 2014 and need to wrap themselves in the flag and in the banner of humanitarianism.

Assad claims American intervention will lead to a region-wide war. The region is already at war. This intervention will do nothing but give the Russians and the Iranians an opportunity to expand their activities throughout the Middle East. The Suez Canal may be closed, greatly diminishing the flow of oil to Europe at a time when their economy is on the brink of recovery. With America diverted from North Africa and the Horn of Africa, Islamists will be free to renew their efforts to take control. The war is already spreading to central Africa.