This blog is moving–and so is Ophelia’s murder investigation

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C. C. Mambretti

Hi, thanks for your interest in my bizarre commentaries on all things mysterious. I am being forced to transition this blog to WordPress from QuickBlogCast, which is an obscure way of saying that I’m entangled in my hosting service’s software problems. Within the week I will (I hope) be up and running either as

or simply

In the meantime, I invite you to visit Amazon Kindle to take a look at my latest novel, SNOW GHOST, the best, most-outrageous thing I’ve written so far.

I hope you will be patient and continue to follow my investigation into Ophelia’s murder. My next novel (in progress) is OPHELIA’S GHOST. In a few month’s I’ll visit Elsinore Castle in Denmark to research the scene of the crime!

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